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Automotive Window Tinting information

What is Auto Tinting?

  • Automotive window tinting is produced from the same “optical grade” extruded polyester as commercial films. However, these products are designed to meet the legal requirements for cars and trucks. The film is usually dyed to provide various colors and densities. Higher-grade films are metalized for greater efficiency and longevity. A few films are made from pure metal (without dyes) for maximum efficiency and stability.
  • All films utilize a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive mounting system. The interior surface has a scratch resistant coating to protect the film. Automotive films are produced in various widths from 20″ to 60″.

How does auto tint work?

  • Window tinting reduces heat gain, glare, and fading rays. It also makes glass safer.
  • Window tinting absorbs heat at the surface of the glass. Less heat penetrates into the car because the heat is drawn off the glass by the flow of air across the windows while the car is in motion.
  • Metalized window tint is more effective because it absorbs and reflects heat back outside the same way a mirror reflects light.
  • The density of the tinting reduces glare. NOTE: The darkness of the tint is regulated by the laws of each state. For the specific law in your state, you may contact the IWFA (International Window Film Association) web site,
  • Fading is reduced because ultraviolet filters are added to the film when it is manufactured. Good quality films should block out at least 98% of the UV rays, the leading cause of fading. Some special films can block out 99.9% of the UV rays. These films are recommended if you are susceptible to skin disease caused by the sun.
  • Film makes glass safer because of the tremendous strength of the polyester and the superior-bonding adhesive used to mount film to the window. In most cases, broken glass is held together by the film. Special safety films are produced to reduce smash and grab crime ad to add greater protection to occupants in case of an accident. NOTE: Window film does not keep glass from breaking, and film does not stop bullets.

How can I be sure I’m getting a HIGH QUALITY window tint for my car?

  • Start with the product. Both H√ąper Optik and Madico are known to produce the finest quality window films in the industry. Most of their products come with a lifetime warranty (as long as you own your car) provided by the manufacturer that is good anywhere in the country. This means that even if you move, you can always get your car redone if something goes wrong.
  • Next, use a manufacturer/distributor approved installer. These people are professionals who have been carefully trained and have years of experience. Tinting is more than a skill, it is an art. Quality tinters are not available on every corner. You will seldom find them in a “hole in the wall” tint shop. For the best tinter in your area, call one of our regional offices, or send an e-mail and include your location. If you are not in our region, we can refer you.
  • High quality installation should always include “micro-edge” installation of all roll-up windows, taking the film to within 1/8th inch of the top of the glass, as well as “seamless” installation of back windows. Your installation should be super clean and there should be a quality control inspection upon delivery of your car.

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